About me and my jewellery


I live in Brighton and learned to make beaded jewellery at beading workshops in Brighton, Bath and London.

I have a love of costume jewellery because it can transform a classic dress into an extraordinary look.  My jewellery designs comprise reworked vintage brooches and old jewellery components which are given new lives as eye-catching pendant necklaces or unique earrings with a contemporary twist of wire-wrapping techniques.

My design inspiration comes from the shape of the brooches, and the form of the old jewellery pieces, and I use beads for their intrinsic beauty, shape, colour, texture, or glint.  I mix textures and colours, often combining a variety of beads in one piece.  Each piece is a unique work of art and can comprise vintage, semi-precious, handmade glass lamp work, Venetian, or Swarovski beads.  I have been collecting vintage, semi-precious and glass beads for a number of years, and source my vintage brooches and jewellery components at vintage and antiques fairs locally and on my travels around the UK.

(The necklace above, ‘Charmed’, is made from a triple-stranded vintage necklace, embellished with a variety of gold-plated wire-wrapped semi-precious, ceramic, lamp work glass, Swarovsksi, and crystal beads.   If you would like to commission me to make one similar for you, please get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements and price.  Prices for a unique ‘Charmed’ necklace begin at £150.)

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